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Production according to individual sizes / drawings / sketches. The possibility of developing the design of packaging, the preparation of specifications. If necessary - check out. Order from 1 unit. Production time - from 3 business days (production is possible day to day). At your request - painting, varnishing, laser engraving, using various accessories. Providing a package of phytosanitary control documents, marking wooden containers according to ISPM No. 15 (when sent for export).
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We offer:

  • Professional advice to make the best decision when choosing containers
  • The manufacture of containers for individual sizes as soon as possible
  • Development of drawings and technical documentation for containers
  • Departure for measurement Installation of cargo on site by customers with their tools and consumables
  • When exporting containers we provide a full package of documents of phytosanitary control in accordance with international ISPM standards No. 15

Becoming a client of UR-UNIVERSAL is simple:


Your appeal to our company


Communication with a professional manager who selects what your question solves


Product design approval


Making a prepayment or full payment


Manufacturing products


Delivery to you or export by yourself




04074 Ukraine, Kiev st. Shakhterskaya, 5


+38(067)4146352 +38(066)2650614 +38(050)4119533 +38(068)8339192


Farmers or private individuals engaged in growing fruits and vegetables know how important it is to choose a convenient and safe container for storing the harvest. To grow these foodstuffs, to collect them, and to transfer them to the place of storage will require a lot of physical effort, finances, and time. Therefore, it is important to preserve the harvest to the maximum extent, without losing the freshness and taste of products. The optimal choice for storage - crates for vegetables made of wood. They are built from treated boards and can have different volumes of capacity, shape, and design. A properly made wooden vegetable crate provides the required conditions for long-term storage or carrying of mature fruits of potatoes, tomatoes, beets and others.

Features of designs

Fruit and vegetable crates are made according to the standard design, but in our company "Yur-Universal" the customer can get a container with individual parameters. Such products have the following characteristics.
  • The container is always capacious, and convenient. It can be designed for a different volume of fruit.
  • Between the boards from which the box for storing vegetables is made, there are slits necessary for airing the contents. Such a feature of the design provides long-lasting freshness of products and prevents rotting.
  • The container can have a lid, which protects the fruit from damage. Also, products are supplemented with convenient holes in the upper part, which are used for carrying.
  • For farms that are engaged in the cultivation of various vegetable plants, containers of different volumes and shapes are required. Wood can be used to produce products that are large and compact, high and low. This makes it possible for the producer of agricultural products to buy a wooden crate for vegetables of the size he needs.

Who needs a container made of wood?

Wooden crate for vegetables is a universal product. It may be needed both by agricultural enterprises and private individuals. Compared to plastic, wood is a natural, environmentally friendly, safe and durable material. Rigid wooden walls protect the contents and preserve their integrity. Therefore, fruit crates made of this material are the most demanded and popular.
  • Use crates for vegetables for agricultural enterprises that grow produce.
  • They are also needed by those who are engaged in transporting and selling agricultural products.
  • Ideal wooden box for storing vegetables in the home cellar or another room. It is indispensable in the economy of a private house, dacha, or garden plot.

How to choose a container

Safety, compliance with sanitary requirements, as well as durability, are important requirements for containers in which food is stored for a long time. Our company offers to buy a wooden crate for vegetables. The products pass mandatory phytosanitary control and can be used for the storage and transport of any agricultural products.
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