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Production according to individual sizes / drawings / sketches. The possibility of developing the design of packaging, the preparation of specifications. If necessary - check out. Order from 1 unit. Production time - from 3 business days (production is possible day to day). At your request - painting, varnishing, laser engraving, using various accessories. Providing a package of phytosanitary control documents, marking wooden containers according to ISPM No. 15 (when sent for export).
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We offer:

  • Professional advice to make the best decision when choosing containers
  • The manufacture of containers for individual sizes as soon as possible
  • Development of drawings and technical documentation for containers
  • Departure for measurement Installation of cargo on site by customers with their tools and consumables
  • When exporting containers we provide a full package of documents of phytosanitary control in accordance with international ISPM standards No. 15

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04074 Ukraine, Kiev st. Shakhterskaya, 5


+38(067)4146352 +38(066)2650614 +38(050)4119533 +38(068)8339192


For transporting and storing various products, plywood crates are used, which are made of pressed wood plates. They are suitable for food, groceries as well as valuable and fragile goods.

Practicality of containers

Having a flat, solid structure, the plywood parcel box does not crack, so it reliably protects the cargo from weather and external influences.
Thanks to its ability to be easily and quickly disassembled and assembled - it does not take up much space when stored and is always ready for use.
For heavier goods that exceed 200 kg, a wooden frame is used to provide increased reliability.

The advantage of plywood packaging

It is possible to use parcel boxes made of wood for goods of any value, as they have the following advantages:
  • environmentally friendly,
  • versatile,
  • robust,
  • lightweight,
  • inexpensive price,
  • compact,
  • durable.
Such plywood boxes for parcels can be transported by any air, land and water transport.
The company for the production of wooden containers and packaging "Yur-Universal" offers the manufacture of plywood boxes for parcels of individual size, any shape. Also, as gift packaging, which is signed by laser engraving.

Where to order reliable packaging?

Order boxes for parcels from the company "Yur-Universal" and get practical and convenient advantages:
  • containers made of quality material with documents of phytosanitary control;
  • in case of necessity, departure to remove the size;
  • individual approach and assistance with design development;
  • order from one unit;
  • production within agreed terms, it is possible in one day.
To the manufacture of products, the company treats with greater responsibility, without inflating the price.

Boxes made of plywood in the interior

Today, unusual and functional interiors "techno" and "loft" are at the peak of fashion. Plywood boxes will help to decorate the room in a modern style with minimal costs:
  • wall shelves. Both plywood boxes and slatted constructions are suitable for them. They make wonderful organisers that not only look stylish but also allow you to keep tools, kitchen utensils and household trifles in perfect order. Individual elements are connected with self-tapping screws;
  • racks. You can make them strictly rectangular or with asymmetrical edges. They are suitable for storing books, shoes, household chemicals, decorative interior elements;
  • bedside table, coffee table;
  • a house or a play set for pets.
Small plywood products can be used as an original flowerpot or stylish gift wrapping.
Plywood boxes can be used for different purposes. Such a container will come in handy in the household and will be in demand in the office and during many life situations. It would seem that a simple box, however, is very cute and functional.
The pros of a box made of plywood are:
  1. Naturalness. The production of eco-packaging uses natural raw materials and new-generation technologies. Plywood is made from wood. First, the material is processed, and then - the structure is formed and covered with a protective layer. The products have a pleasant wood flavour, absolutely safe, and harmless.
  2. Practicality. The box made of plywood is roomy, compact, and does not deform in the process of operation. Ideal for storing costume jewellery, toys, materials for creativity and larger things, depending on the size of the box. A box of plywood to buy is relevant for the implementation of interesting ideas in landscape and interior design. For loft style and Scandinavia - a chic alternative to boring nightstands and cabinets.
  3. Affordability. Boxes made of plywood are inexpensive because for their production you need a minimum set of resources. Prices are quite acceptable. If you take advantage of the discount, you can profitably purchase not one, but several positions without tangible costs.
  4. Design. Laconic design or bright colours - everyone decides for himself. It does not exclude the application of exclusive engraving, inscriptions, or logos. In any case, a plywood box is an opportunity to highlight the necessary accents and emphasise individuality.   

Box for parcels

Many transport companies have long since abandoned harmful plastic boxes. As packaging for cargo, they use plywood boxes for parcels and dispatch of goods. This approach is justified because it not only cares for the environment but also convenience in logistics. Boxes for parcels ensure the safety of things that are transported and prevent their damage in any weather and in any conditions. This is especially true for fragile, small items.
The constructions are light in weight and can be disassembled and assembled without problems. Stably withstand heavy loads, regardless of the routes.
On the site "Yur-Universal" is available to buy boxes of plywood wholesale and retail. Products are certified, combining aesthetics, and practicality.
Send parcels in our boxes. This is a guarantee of confidence and stability!
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