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Production according to individual sizes / drawings / sketches. The possibility of developing the design of packaging, the preparation of specifications. If necessary - check out. Order from 1 unit. Production time - from 3 business days (production is possible day to day). At your request - painting, varnishing, laser engraving, using various accessories. Providing a package of phytosanitary control documents, marking wooden containers according to ISPM No. 15 (when sent for export).
Details check with the manager.



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We offer:

  • Professional advice to make the best decision when choosing containers
  • The manufacture of containers for individual sizes as soon as possible
  • Development of drawings and technical documentation for containers
  • Departure for measurement Installation of cargo on site by customers with their tools and consumables
  • When exporting containers we provide a full package of documents of phytosanitary control in accordance with international ISPM standards No. 15

Becoming a client of UR-UNIVERSAL is simple:


Your appeal to our company


Communication with a professional manager who selects what your question solves


Product design approval


Making a prepayment or full payment


Manufacturing products


Delivery to you or export by yourself




04074 Ukraine, Kiev st. Shakhterskaya, 5


+38(067)4146352 +38(066)2650614 +38(050)4119533 +38(068)8339192


Wooden crates are containers for transporting and storing industrial and grocery goods. Its strength depends directly on the wood from which it is made.

Scope of application of wooden packaging

Wood is one of the most reliable materials for transport, and is used in various spheres:
  • parcel,
  • transport,
  • military,
  • vegetables.


Wooden parcel transport boxes are convenient and practical to use. They are eco-friendly and hence suitable for children's goods. They are also used to make gift packs, which have an attractive and expensive look.


The reliability and strength of natural wood make it possible to produce the largest boxes that can withstand long-distance transport and are resistant to external influences. They are reliable and guarantee the safe delivery of goods to any country.


Due to their strength and endurance, shipping crates have established themselves in the army field. They are made strictly to order, providing for the conditions in which they will be used. If necessary, shelves, compartments, and partitions for ammunition can be introduced inside the box.


Wooden containers are suitable for storing vegetables, used in industrial and domestic use. Knocked together from planks, it allows fresh air to pass to the product, this contributes to the effective preservation of its freshness.

Transport boxes from the manufacturer

Order wooden packaging from Yur-Universal. For 15 years of work, they have established themselves as a responsible manufacturer of quality products. Also, from them, you can buy boxes for transport at an inexpensive price in retail and wholesale.

Scope of application

Plywood boxes are used both in the home and in the organisation of freight transport. They are also used as containers for growing flowers, storing tools, agricultural products, for parcel boxes. Plywood products are sometimes used as original gift wrapping. Plywood shipping crates are convenient for transporting antique items, precision instruments, equipment and other valuable cargo.
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