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High-quality wooden packaging highlight the status and exclusivity of your gift. We will take into account all your wishes and help with the design. Production term - from 3 working days (production is possible day to day). Order from 3 units. We work only with high-quality materials: valuable wood species - oak, alder, maple; natural wood based materials - sanded plywood, fiberboard. Various methods of inscription - laser engraving, milling, UV printing. At your request - painting, varnishing.
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We offer:

  • Professional advice to make the best decision when choosing containers
  • The manufacture of containers for individual sizes as soon as possible
  • Development of drawings and technical documentation for containers
  • Departure for measurement Installation of cargo on site by customers with their tools and consumables
  • When exporting containers we provide a full package of documents of phytosanitary control in accordance with international ISPM standards No. 15

Becoming a client of UR-UNIVERSAL is simple:


Your appeal to our company


Communication with a professional manager who selects what your question solves


Product design approval


Making a prepayment or full payment


Manufacturing products


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+38(067)4146352 +38(066)2650614 +38(050)4119533 +38(068)8339192


As a rule, gift wrapping is associated with a special film or a brightly coloured package. Original wooden boxes for gifts are an original, non-standard and practical solution. Especially when it comes to fragile products. At the same time, wooden gift wrapping is a beautiful and durable option for framing a presentation. Wood is an ecological natural material, which is associated with cosiness and warmth. Wood is pleasant to the touch. In addition, it reliably protects the contents from external factors: dust, mechanical influences and moisture. A gift in an unusual package looks noble and refined.
Yur-Universal Company accepts orders for wooden boxes for gifts of various shapes and types. These are boxes of classical shape, gift wrapping made of wood for strict and elegant male presents, elegant boxes of small size and original shape. Any idea of the customer will certainly be realised. A wooden box with engraving will give the gift a personal character, making it not unique but also personalised. The company accepts orders according to the design layout of the client or offers its developments, corresponding to the wishes of the customer and the purpose of the product.

Plywood gift box to buy: advantages and area of use

Unique wooden gift wrapping is an excellent solution to the design of the presentation, regardless of who it is intended for. In it, you can place:
  • elite alcoholic beverages, sets;
  • souvenir products, accessories;
  • jewellery (a wooden gift wrapping in the form of a box is appropriate here);
  • memorable signs, medals.
In our company, you can order a gift box made of plywood, which can be bought at a relatively low price. Different models and the type of cover (removable, hinged or retractable).
Filler options: cardboard, plastic, and spoons made of textiles. In addition to engraving, other types of decoration are possible: shaped chamfers, punching elements, decorative inserts, and original fittings.  We accept orders for the manufacture of boxes according to individual designs or designs available in the catalogue. If necessary, competent specialists will advise you, and help you choose the right materials and design options. Premium products at reasonable prices - the professional credo of our company.
Wooden boxes are actively used in various spheres of life. And today they are gaining even greater popularity because the world especially values environmentally friendly products. And this is not a frivolous trend at all, but a conscious approach to the organisation of space, a manifestation of care for their health and nature. Let's find out in detail what makes a wooden box so remarkable and why you should buy it.

Wooden box - why and what for

In order not to be confused by the abundance of assortment, to choose an excellent option, you should be attentive and patient. It is necessary to determine for what purposes the container will be used, as well as what dimensions it should have, and design. And, of course, you should give preference to products from well-known brands that value their authority, and sell products of high quality.
Wooden box has several advantages:
  1. Ecological compatibility. New generation technologies and natural raw materials allow the creation of beautiful functional eco products. Wood is thoroughly processed while retaining an unobtrusive pleasant flavour. Usually, coniferous species, cherry, lime, walnut, oak, and alder are used. In some cases, plywood with high technical characteristics is taken.
  2. Safety. Wooden boxes do not emit toxins, absolutely harmless. Even those who suffer from hypersensitivity can safely use them. There will be no allergic reactions or discomfort. Wood belongs to biodegradable materials, and does not harm the environment.  
  3. Versatility. Gift boxes to buy in Europe are relevant for transport, and storage of goods - food, appliances, toys and so on. In such containers, goods remain intact and safe under any circumstances. Also, boxes will not be superfluous in interior, or landscape design, for thematic photo shoots.
  4. Practicality. Boxes are light in weight, withstand active use, and keep a presentable appearance for a long time. The fastening of parts is reliable and durable. Boxes do not need care, and to keep them clean, dust from the surface is easy to remove with a napkin.
  5. Exclusivity. To brighten the emotional background of various life situations will help, a wooden box for a gift. It is not necessary to wait for a certain date or a noisy event. To please a loved one - you do not need a reason. A cute surprise or a valuable, expensive gift can be placed in wooden gift boxes. Such decoration will emphasise the intrigue, help to express feelings and give unforgettable impressions.

Wooden gift boxes - features

Refuse polythene bags, plastic containers and similar containers that do not belong to the category of eco. As a result, you will develop the habit of using natural products, and this is a sign of good taste.
Buying boxes for gifts is beneficial for any date - birthday, wedding, christening, housewarming and many important other life moments. Such packaging always looks spectacular, attracts the eye, and emphasises respect and warmth to the person to whom the surprise is given. Wooden packaging for wine can be an original addition to the main gift. The romantic atmosphere on a date will be supported by a box for wine. Tara looks noble and stylish. And it is also functional because it is not difficult to find a use for it. The case can fulfil the mission of a decorative element in the interior, or, be used for its intended purpose - just put a new bottle of drink in it.

How to buy a box for a gift

We offer to buy a gift box in our online shop. The catalogue includes a charming assortment of products for any holiday. Boxes are capacious, and compact, and can have different dimensions and designs. Gift boxes in Ukraine are suitable for many presents:
  • smartphone;
  • pen;
  • notebook;
  • crockery;
  • cosmetics;
  • toy;
  • alcoholic beverage;
  • jewellery;
  • delicious food.
The list can be continued ad infinitum because everything depends on your imagination and creativity. If desired, you can put a congratulatory inscription, logo, or unique engraving on gift boxes in Ukraine.
For the manufacture of containers, the best materials, and the most daring ideas are embodied. We practise an individual approach to each client and constructive dialogue.
Gift box to buy online. Studying our showcase is easy, and pleasant. The convenient interface of the site implies the presence of real photos of each product, and clear technical specifications. Positions are regularly updated, and this is a tempting chance to buy the most interesting and fashionable novelties. Closed boxes, open boxes and cases, shaped containers. The perfection of box design has no limits, surprising with creative solutions, colourful shades, and unique designs.  
The products are certified and meet the stated parameters.
A gift box to buy in Europe is an opportunity to fill everyday life with fresh emotions of the one you love. Do good deeds for others, give them joy, and the world will definitely change, become better, and more colourful.
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