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Always in the presence of standard size pallets with carrying capacity from 600 kg to 2500 kg: - 1200 * 800 mm; - 1200 * 1000 mm. It`s possible  the production of pallets according to drawings and specifications of the customer. Production term - from 3 working days (production is possible day to day). Order from 1 unit. Providing a package of phytosanitary control documents, marking wooden containers according to ISPM No. 15 (when sent for export).
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We offer:

  • Professional advice to make the best decision when choosing containers
  • The manufacture of containers for individual sizes as soon as possible
  • Development of drawings and technical documentation for containers
  • Departure for measurement Installation of cargo on site by customers with their tools and consumables
  • When exporting containers we provide a full package of documents of phytosanitary control in accordance with international ISPM standards No. 15

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04074 Ukraine, Kiev st. Shakhterskaya, 5


+38(067)4146352 +38(066)2650614 +38(050)4119533 +38(068)8339192




Wooden pallets are an indispensable container in the modern world

In most industries, wooden pallets are used for storing and transporting products - they are durable, inexpensive and therefore a popular container. It is important that the production of wooden pallets was carried out according to the regulations of state standards, and the manufacture of euro pallets - according to international standards. In the company "Yur-Universal" you can buy pallets new in the range, all products are produced on automatic lines, so the nailhead is recessed to the required depth by ISPM regulations. This is a huge advantage compared to products manufactured on semi-automatic lines.

Peculiarities of production and requirements for the manufacture of euro pallets

For the production of pallets goes any wood (from pine to oak boards), the type of raw materials depends on the strength parameters of the products. Before starting the production of euro pallets, the employees of the company treat the wood with special means. Full phytosanitary treatment is carried out, including thermal and technological processes. As a result, the spread of harmful organisms is completely excluded during operation, and companies engaged in the export of goods will be able to buy euro pallets.
The following requirements are imposed on containers according to international standard ISPM15:
  • There must be a passport describing the production of wooden pallets, specifics of technologies and manufacturing procedures. The document contains information on fire retardants, antiseptics, and additional means of heat treatment used.
  • Presence of labelling - a stamp is placed on each product.
  • The load capacity of wooden pallets must comply with the technical data.
  • Presence of fasteners corresponding to the regulations.
  • Equipped with additional systems for fastening when slinging.
The company "Yur-Universal" in the availability of standard-sized products designed for load capacity from 600 to 2500 kilograms. The company also works with individual projects according to the customer's drawings, according to certain specifications. When shipped for export, the containers are labelled according to ISPM regulation No. 15, and the whole package of phytosanitary control documentation is provided.

About spheres of application and advantages

Today the production of pallets is in demand for construction, trade, warehousing, and industrial activities.
It is rational to buy euro pallets for use:
  • in logistics and transport companies;
  • in warehouses and storage facilities;
  • in trade of household, industrial, and food products;
  • on construction sites and in building shops;
  • in workshops and other production facilities;
  • for waste removal;
  • in supply companies.
Our customers decide to buy new pallets made of wood because pallets have a lot of advantages:
  1. They are inexpensive, and at the same time are universal.
  2. High quality, corresponding to the normative parameters of load capacity.
  3. Wear resistance, durability, and reusability.
  4. Ecological purity and safety: Euro pallets are manufactured exclusively from natural wood.
Order quality pallets on our website, we will provide all certificates and documentation.

Euro pallet to buy - buy a universal thing for work or creativity

You have your own production, and you need to reliably pack or transport goods? The right solution will be to buy a euro pallet from the company "Yur-Universal". The online shop provides a wide range of quality pallets. There are available: 
  • standard size pallets, which can withstand loads from 600 kg to 2500 kg;
  • non-standard - manufactured according to individual wishes and drawings of the customer.
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